Rolling barrels…

Bravio delle Botti – Montepulciano

On the last Sunday of August Montepulciano becomes the place where barrels roll up to the narrow streets until they reach the Piazza Grande.

It is just a game, of course, a challenge between the eight Contradas (divisions) of Montepulciano who compete for a painted cloth banner by rolling barrels of 80 kilos in an uphill race lasting around 1800 metres along the main street of the town.

The barrels are rolled by two athletes called “spingitori” whilst the course of the race winds through the streets of the towns historical centre until it reaches the churchyard of the Duomo in Piazza Grande.

The whole week prior to the main event is filled with important appointments and events: official trials of the “spingitori” for each of the Contrada; each evening the Contrade will open ready to welcome you with celebrations, dinners, games, music and… wine.

A special thanks to Nico Palazzi for sharing the beautiful images of the Bravio.


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