Food and the city…

Florence is not just about art and history. Florence is also about food. Great food.

I always suggest our guests to start a day in Florence by touring the Mercato Centrale,  a two-story warehouse just off the Piazza San Lorenzo.

If you just stay for a day tour is a great place to take beautiful pictures and an ideal stop to lunch as many Florentine workers do, if you stay longer is the best place to buy great food and enjoy cooking them in your own kitchen.

From cheese to sausages, from meat to vegetables, everything is there waiting for you, even the famous “trippa”. Meat is an important part of traditional Tuscan and Florentine cousine and as per tradition every part of the animal is precious for cook great dishes.

The “Trippa alla Fiorentina” is one of my favourite

While touring around the specialties that the Mercato Centrale has to offer you, there’s an experience you can’t miss: eat a Lampredotto.

Lampredotto is, like the more familiar trippa, part of the cow’s stomach. It is boiled in a broth of vegetables and herbs, then sliced and served inside a “panino”. This is typical street food.

No matter if you go for lampredotto or trippa, you must  enjoy them with a gottino di vino (small shot of red wine)

The Mercato Centrale is the place where Florentines go for shopping and if you look at the photos you’ll understand why.

Via dell’Ariento – Firenze. Open every morning from 7am to 2pm. Closed on Sunday and public holidays.

Check out Duomo and Signoria our amazing apartments in the heart of Florence.


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