Perfumes of Tuscany

I have to admit that I found this shop by chance by simply following my nose…

I was walking down Via San Gallo to go to a meeting when I smelt an intense fragrance. I momentarily forgot my meeting and followed the scent to this wonderful, quite magical, shop. I stepped in and immediately felt intoxicated by the perfumes and the colours of the wonderful glass vases.

Unfortunately on this occasion I didn’t have time to truly explore the shop, however soon returned and bought a fragrance for the office: Vanilla and Mandarin.

Rosso Nobile: The exclusive decanter which airs the extraordinary perfumes comes in the most beautiful packaging and makes a splendid present.

I now try to stop at Dr. Vranjes every time I go to Florence so I can try out the new fragrances.

The last time I went to visit the shop I discovered the Rosso Nobile Collection – a collection of fragrances which incorporate the essences of fine wines.

Other fabulous Collections are the Limited Editions taking the names from the beautiful Gardens of Florence: The Boboli Garden and The Rose Garden.

The Boboli Gardens of Florence are reflected in the mix of fresh lemon and orange flowers, blended with the green notes of the box tree, typical scents of this classic Italian garden. Hints of heirloom roses and green moss are veiled in the intense notes of Jasmine flowers, fresh fragrance of wild mint and aromatic cypress woods.

The elegant crystal glass bottle, handcrafted by master glassmakers, is worked with gold leaf.

These essences form the enveloping fragrance that brings to mind the romantic charm of an unforgettable walk in these beautiful Florentine gardens.

The Rose Garden is a rich fragrance, which encapsulates the images and scents of a walk through the Rose Garden of Florence in the month of May.

This shop is an absolute temptation. From just one smell, these Tuscan fragrances can transport you to a Florentine Garden, a day out in the countryside or a wonderful evening sipping a glass of red wine. Simply close your eyes and breathe deeply when you want to be reminded of your time in Tuscany.

This is what perfumes are made for – to evoke memories!

Dr. Vranjes – Closed Sunday and Monday morning

Via San Gallo 63 R – Firenze
Tel. +39 055 494537

Via della Spada 9/R – Firenze
Tel. +39 055 288796

Borgo La Croce 44 R – Firenze
Tel. +39 055 241748


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