Dinners at the villas

Over the years we’ve organized many dinners for our guests and every time it has been a wonderful experience. Our villas are the perfect backdrop for experiencing the products of our land and most feature stunning pergolas and al-fresco dining areas with breath-taking views of Tuscany.

What’s more, our chefs are available for in-villa dining experiences and are superb at transforming local Tuscan produce into delicious dishes which guests can within the comfort of their villa in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. There are so many different possibilities when catering for an event: from a traditional Tuscan dinner to barbecue with Chianina, Fiorentina or Cinta Senese meat, and even pizza parties.

I remember a group from USA who were celebrating one of the women’s birthdays – they asked us pizza and red wine!

We hired one of our “pizzaiolo” who spent almost five hours creating pizzas complete with an array of Tuscan toppings: from “ciaccino” with “Lardo di Cinta Senese” to truffle sausages, from “Margherita” to “Vegetariana” with grilled vegetables directly from the villa’s garden.

Together with the housekeeper, Rita, we prepared various side dishes to accompany the pizzas including fresh and grilled vegetables, dried cherry tomatoes, “Bruschetta” (toasted bread with tomatoes and olive oil), “Crostini Toscani” (toasted bread with chicken liver pate), Tuscan ham with figs and “Panzanella” (a refreshing bread, tomatoes, onions and basil salad).

The group chose a red wine from Tenuta del Trinoro: Le Cupole and surprisingly the paring between the wine and pizza actually worked very well, probably because many of the pizza toppings were Tuscan cold cuts and sausages.

The guest of honour asked for a “Tiramisù” as her birthday cake. This is a signature dish of Rita’s and she prepared a huge version of the dessert complete with Nutella flakes for extra flavour.


The party was a real success and all the guests were happy and relaxed.

Upon return to the USA, the guest of honour wrote to me to thank me, and said: “The pizzas were absolutely delicious, I have never had so many pizzas in my entire life! Thank you and Rita for the most incredible birthday party I ever had. Joan. P.S.: I now always add Nutella to my cakes…”


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