Shopping in Florence

Cellerini's bagWe (women) love shoes and bags! We can’t get enough of them!

We always seem to need a different size or colour bag to go with the shoes we just bought!

That’s why every time I go to Florence I must stop at Cellerini.

It is a lovely leather shop run by the Cellerini family. They craft each item by hand in their workshop, and they can personalise each model according to client’s needs.

I love their bags and the one pictured here is their most famous model (yes, that’s right! It is very similar to the “Birkin”, but ask the price and you’ll be amazed!).

Xmas at Cellerini

Here’s a lovely photo I took just before Christmas on my last visit. Time to go again very soon!

Via del Sole 37/r, 50123 Firenze
Tel. +39 055 282533 – Fax +39 055 283109

Email                              web site:


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