White Tuscany

On the 1st of February I woke up and looked out of the window to discover that everything was white.

My "White" House

It had snowed throughout the night, and kept snowing until late afternoon.

The week after it snowed some more, resulting in a total white out and us being under one meter of snow!

Road to Val d'Orcia. The winds had blown the snow from the fields and brought it to the sides of the road, and in some places it was over two meters high!


We usually get a little snow here in Tuscany, but we’ve never had anything over 50cm as far back as I can remember.

In addition to snow, we all felt the sub-zero temperatures (-3° C during the day and -15° C at night) but thankfully I’ve heard conditions only get this back once every 30 years, so am very relieved!

Schools were closed and meetings had to be cancelled however my kids and I made the most out of the situation, staying at home and cooking pizzas, pastas and cakes to our hearts content!

We did brave the snow on one occasion, driving down to Val d’Orcia  (it was freezing -8° C at 4pm) but the landscape was amazing.

All the lakes were frozen and even the magnificent Torre Tarugi was surrounded by snow – it looked quite magical!

Frozen Lake

Torre Tarugi

It has been difficult but the kid inside made me seize the moment so it has also been incredibly fun, however I’m definitely looking forward to spring time!


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